I went through the Conscious Uncoupling process with Eva shortly after my last relationship ended, and while my ex and I continued living together for around seven more months while we sorted things out.

I felt like I was in a world of pain when I started the process and didn’t have a huge amount of support from family or friends, so having Eva to support me through it was invaluable.

For me, the breakup triggered deep childhood wounds and Eva patiently and compassionately guided me through the Conscious Uncoupling steps and helped me develop tools for contending with my overwhelming grief. She always made me feel heard and understood, and continually reinforced much-needed reminders about my worthiness through all our conversations.

Eva is so kind and empathic and I can’t recommend her enough!

Anna & Stephen

My husband and I attended counselling sessions at Takanini Villa with Eva Dimmendaal in 2020. We have been married for 10 years and have two children, two demanding careers and quite different views on parenting, money management and work-life balance which had started to cause considerable conflict in our home. Neither of us want our children to grow up watching their parents constantly yelling at each other, but we were increasingly unable to find a way forward on our own.

Eva provided a safe space for us to talk freely and openly, initially in individual sessions and then as a couple. She was non-judgemental and non-threatening and was able to turn an experience that both of us were expecting to be very awkward and uncomfortable into a positive and practical discussion.

I'm not sure our marriage would have survived the covid-19 level four lockdown had we not been seeing Eva prior to the pandemic, as her sessions enabled us to reclaim a lot of goodwill in a relationship that had become dominated by point-scoring arguments. We listen to each other much more now.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eva to other couples who need some help resolving communication difficulties or are in need of commonsense strategies to help reclaim some relationship common ground.